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Since breaking into the industry in 2015, East Home Renovation has been recognized as the most dependable and trustworthy professional interior renovation company. We’ve provided clients with a wide range of services for all their needs. Whatever you have in mind, our professionals work to bring your dreams to life. We have WSIB, 500 Million Liability Insurance, Licensed Plumber and Electrician, and HVAC technician. We specialized in doing Building Permit interior renovation. Contact us to receive a free estimate today.

从2015年多伦多东财建筑装修成立以来,东财装修已经成功的装修了近200家大多地区家庭。我们师傅手艺精湛,为客户提供多方面的室内装修专业意见以及服务。专做大多地区带Building Permit 室内装修。我们工人有WSIB,公司有500万商业保险,有持牌水,电,空调冷暖技师,为您的家装保驾护航。



Unfinished Basement Renovation 地下室装修

Only $44.99 per sqft


What Our Clients Have to Say

由 Google 翻译)我和我的妻子对 East Home Reno 最近为我们的整个地下室装修所做的工作感到非常满意。四人团队每天从上午 9:30 到晚上 7:00 工作,除非午餐时间,否则不会停下来。只用了整整12天就完成了主要工程,除了吧台、浴室梳妆台和木楼梯,后来由第三方完成,东家雷诺安排。太奇妙了!!这远远超出了我们的预期,并且该项目在商定的预算范围内。我们强烈推荐这些人用于您的项目,无论它是什么。 (原文) My wife and I are very happy with the job done for our whole basement renovation conducted by East Home Reno recently. The team of four people worked daily from 9:30am to 7:00pm, no stopping unless lunch times. It took only 12 full days to complete the major works, except wet bar, bathroom vanity and wood staircase, which were later done by third parties and arranged by East Home Reno. It's amazing!! It's well beyond our expectation and the project is within the budget as agreed. We highly recommend these guys for your projects whatever it is.

Quan Jiang

(由 Google 翻译)我强烈推荐 East Home 给所有想要完成地下室或翻新整栋房子的房主。他们在时间表内完成了我的地下室,并保持一切正常。与经验丰富的团队一起工作真是太好了。五星级! (原文) I highly recommend East Home to every home owner who wants to either finish basement or renovate full house. They finished my basement within timeline and keep everything on track. It was great to work with the experienced team. FIVE STAR RATING!!!

Shine Sun

(由 Google 翻译)East Home Reno 刚刚完成了我的走廊浴室装修。他们非常专业,反应迅速且准时。工作人员非常友好,他们给了我非常有用的设计建议。此外,价格非常有竞争力。我肯定会把它们推荐给我所有的朋友。 (原文) East Home Reno just finished my hallway bathroom renovation. They are very professional, responsive and on time. The staff are very friendly and they give me very useful design suggestions. Also, the price is very competitive. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends.

Meng Li


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