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Bathroom Renovtion








  3 pcs 洗手间翻新,包含:

    1. 淋浴房防水纤维板,防水涂料

    2. 水泥底座淋浴房钢化玻璃淋浴门

    3. 墙身内嵌式石英石置物格

    4. Meon 淋浴套装 

    5. 订制石英石台面洗手柜

    6. American standard 马桶

    7. CAD 3.5 SQFT 瓷砖

    8. 墙身使用本杰明防水油漆

​价格从 cad 6500 - 9500 


"Few people know that our restroom also has its own holiday called 'World Toilet Day,' which falls on November 19th every year.

Restrooms are used very frequently in our daily lives, and each of us spends approximately 1,140 days in the toilet throughout our lives. Therefore, the comfort of a restroom is crucial for us.

The restroom (or guest bathroom) also serves another important role as the 'image ambassador' of each household. It is the only space where guests have 'individual' interactions.

The aging of plumbing fixtures in the restroom also affects the overall quality of the house. In Canada, most houses have a wooden structure. If the second-floor toilet leaks, it can damage the walls and floors of the entire house. Moreover, the mold caused by water damage can be harmful to our health.

From an investment perspective, the quality of a house's restroom plays a significant role in its price. If you wish to increase the value of your house, renovating the restroom to create a brand new, high-end bathroom should be your priority.

East Home Renovation is currently offering a special promotion for restroom renovation, which includes:

  1. Shower room waterproof fiberboard and waterproof coating

  2. Cement base shower room with tempered glass shower door

  3. Built-in quartz stone niche

  4. Meon shower set

  5. Customized quartz stone countertop washbasin cabinet

  6. American Standard toilet

  7. CAD 3.5 sq ft porcelain tiles

  8. Benjamin waterproof paint for walls

Prices range from CAD 6,500 to 9,500.

For more detailed information, please contact us promptly."

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